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Me, Me, Me

More junk about me. Hmm, maybe I have a bit of a narcissitic streak...

My Apartment (2009)

The sublet I'm moving into (as of March) for five months, in order to give myself a little more time to save up money.

My Car

How I've owned two cars and been in three accidents in just over two years. And none of them were my fault. How's that for just-plain-shitty luck? But hey, I got a few pictures out of one of the wrecks, anyway. (Updated 8/27/2006)

My Apartment (2005-2009)

My apartment in Centreville, Virginia. Lived there for four years, then moved up a flight of stairs when I couldn't afford a down payment just yet.

Weight Loss 2004

"You're such a fat fuck that you walk down the street people go, "goddamnit, that's a big fat fuck!"

My Apartment (2003-2005)

Movin' on up
To Shadyside.
To a... smallish... apartment
In the... second floor.

My Apartment (2002-2003)

The place in Friendship (or Shadyside, or Bloomfield, or East Liberty, depending who you ask) with the Landlord From Hell. I'm not exactly regretting moving out of this place.

My Apartment (2001-2002)

The apartment in Greenfield where I lived after I moved out of the house on Beechwood. On the one hand it was nice having a place of my own. On the other hand, it did get pretty dull at times.

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