Bowlin' Braggin'

May 5, 2008

Nothing else to write about, and I just bought myself a bowling ball over the weekend (reactive resin, the better to throw a hook with). This is where I try to convince it to help me the next time I'm out. Oh, and do a little bragging while I'm at it.

Best. Game. Ever.


(Just so you know, these are a real pain to type up in my no-frills editor. When I finally getting around to doing version 8 of this site, I need to give myself a "table class='bowling'" macro.)

It's also the only "clean" game I've ever bowled -- no open frames.

A few weeks later, I managed to put together some actual consistency. Game one:


Not a stellar game, especially with the open frames, but the 166 is important in the grand scheme of things. On to game two:


Now that's better. Game three, anyone?


Not the greatest finish, but adding them all up gives me a 511 series, my best ever.

Of course, Dave went out a couple weeks ago and rolled a 220 en route to a 548 series of his own. So, now I have a little work to do to catch up. I like it though, keeps me from getting complacent.

Oh, the "importance" of the 166 up there is that it's what you need to average to roll a 500 series. (Well, really 166.66, but that's just hair splitting.) So as long as the two other games averaged 166 or 167 I was good.

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