Technology marches on

January 23, 2023

I'm currently working on setting up the photo gallery from my trip to Wales and I'm noticing as I look through the pictures that my phone at the time (a Galaxy S4 I think?) took pictures that were at least as good as my point and shoot. I'm taking another trip over the summer, and I wonder if it'll even be worth the bother to take the D3200 I bought later on or if my S21 would be better and easier to carry than a DSLR.

Part of me thinks, I bought that camera and I'm damn well going to use it, but another part of me remembers that the sunk cost fallacy is a thing. We'll see, I guess. It'd be a shame for something I spent $400 on to be eclipsed by the thing I use to play Pokemon Go.

Edit, 3:07 PM: Since I wrote this, I've started looking through the photos from my Ireland trip in 2016. Not only did I take fewer pictures with the Nikon than I did the point & shoot -- probably because it's more of a hassle to lug around -- it doesn't stack up well against the LG V20 I had at the time. At this point it seems like unless I plan on swapping out for the 200mm lens at some point there's no use in taking the "real" camera with me.

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