Knock-on effects

February 6, 2023

Every once in a while, I decide I have too much crap in the house, and buy something to put some of that crap in.

At some point I need to go through all my things and get rid of a bunch of stuff: Throw out old things, donate books and clothes, and give Ginger's things to the local humane society. I actually tried that last one, but they don't have a phone number on their web site and their email address bounces as non-existent. So good work, there.

But anyway, cleaning house. There's one big problem with that. I'm in the middle of turning the second guest room into a home office. I'm not exactly breaking my back over it; I took down the broken old Ikea bookshelves in... 2012, I think? And I've got that hole in the drywall patched now. I just need to tape and mud it, then repaint, then buy some new shelves, and put them together, and put the books back on them while deciding which ones I want to keep. Let's pencil that in for 2035. Or maybe I'll just leave it to my next of kin. They won't even have to buy the shelves.

Me being lazy about all that pretty much keeps me from doing any of the other things though. With that room sitting unused and my bedroom being filled with boxes of books, there's nowhere for me to temporarily put things while I go through 14 years of accumulated crap to see what I still want to hang onto. Which means that new things end up getting dumped on the nearest available horizontal surface. Until I buy a piece of furniture to put them into.

Sometimes I really wish I was capable of motivating myself to do something other than complain about my lack of motivation.

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